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I have always had a fascination with serving bowls.  I love the look of them.  The feel of them.

Serving bowls come in all different shapes and sizes.  They may be round, oblong, oval, extra long, demi-bowls, tall, shallow, fluted, etc. They come in unique shapes and sizes.  They may even be a bowl you handcrafted.  They may be a bowl your kids, nieces, nephews, or grandchildren made with tiny hands of love.  You name it, there is a different size and special look for each bowl.

Bowls are made of all types of materials – fine china, stoneware, wood, copper, ceramic, porcelain, crystal, stainless steel, etc.  They may be edible serving bowls made of bread, tomato, bell pepper.  Serving bowls may be made from fresh fruits and vegetables  (i.e., pumpkins, watermelon, coconut).

Serving bowls may be rustic, elegant, minimalistic, sophisticated, whimsical, etc. Bowls come in beautiful assortments of color which may be all one shade or they may be filled with gorgeous patterns or iridescent and shimmering hues.

Serving bowls may be on a pedestal, footed, part of wrought iron structure, or they may just sit flat on any surface.  They may have a lid or a handle, such as a soup tureen, or a Christmas candy dish.

You can do whatever you like with a bowl.   Leave it empty and on display – in all it’s glory – on a table, bookshelf, coffee table, or on the kitchen counter.  You can fill them with all sorts of edible treats, anything from fresh fruits, vegetables, mashed potatoes, soups, or candies, etc.  They can be filled with non-edible items such as fresh or dried flowers, pine cones, ribbons, marbles, Christmas ornaments, etc.

Bowls show love, to the ones we love, when we bring them to the table filled to the brim with good eats as they grace our tables as we serve our every day meals, or as we serve Thanksgiving, Christmas, and Easter meals at our Holiday tables.  These special meals become a part of our wonderful memories of good times spent enjoying time with our family and special friends.

Often we save our “good things” to be used for special occasions.  Why is that?  Let’s use those good serving bowls now.  Don’t wait for company, a special relationship, a significant occasion, or even for a Holiday to roll around.  Use what you have now.  This is a beautiful lesson my Mom gifted me as part of her legacy.  Beautiful treasures need to be used, not stored away for “later”.

Rediscover the beauty and joy of your serving bowls today.

What are you waiting for?