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It didn’t roar in like a lion.  It came in beautifully−like the sweetest and gentlest lamb.  I’m talking about the first day of March.

After several cold and balmy days, followed by overcast skies and heavy downpours, today is simply spectacular!

This day was full of bright, white, fluffy cotton candy clouds dancing in a kaleidoscope of magnificently crystal clear skies−ranging in vivid colorations from pale to robin egg blue. Unseasonably warm with gentle breezes and temperatures reaching an unbelievable high near 70 degrees this afternoon.

No matter what is going on in your life, or the world around you, nothing can stop the seasons from changing.  March is a trendsetter−it always sets a precedent.

I love that March whispers Spring is near!  It sings Spring is almost here! March also whispers hope, renewal, and opportunity.  It brings smiles and laughter and the thrill of newness.  It brings with it the fullness of expectation, promise, and joy.  It says let us move onward and upward.  Such a glorious song March sings!

Come, take a peek with me around my yard!  This is one of my hyacinths preparing to bloom.

This hyacinth bloomed the other day.  This little cutie took a bit of a beating from the heavy downpours earlier in the week.  Although a little droopy, I think she still looks great!

The fabulously precious and gracefully welcoming Crocus!  Thankfully, we didn’t have enough snow this year for her to smile through earlier…yeah.  The squirrels must have eaten my yellow crocus, like they did my daffodils.

The always bright and smiling day lilies are already poking through the ground. I can’t wait to see their cheerful faces emerge as they reach toward the heavens to welcome and embrace the warming rays of the sun.

Look what else I found peeking through the ground.  Tulips are beginning to break through!

I don’t know about you but I am absolutely ready to march on!