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I am a foodie.  I started cooking at a very young age.  I would follow my Grandmother around the kitchen observing her every move and asking her what I could do to help.  She would be in her apron and I would wear one of her spare aprons like a dress – tied either just below my underarms or around my neck.  I have many fond memories of holding the mixing bowl while making homemade pound cake or brownies followed by licking the hand-held beater blades before placing the mixing bowl in the sink, standing on a chair in order to reach the counter to break eggs for cornbread, transferring cut fruit into the baking dish for fruit cobblers (I wanted to cut the fruit so badly but I was too little to hold the knife!) and learning how to make pancakes along with the thrill of watching closely to know exactly when to flip them over.

I still love to just sit and read cookbooks or any kind of recipe I can get my hands on.  For me, that is fun and relaxing.  I have a notebook of recipes I’ve torn out of magazines in waiting rooms…..I kid you not!  Cooking pointers and tips always bring me joy!

It is also a joy to make up my own recipes.  Several bloggers have such creativity in developing some of the most amazing recipes!  I am definitely someone who loves to experiment and try new recipes but some recipe creations developed by bloggers absolutely blow my mind.

Avocado is a favorite in my household.  I love it any way I can get it.  Raw with a little salt and pepper.  Or simply with a splash of citrus (lime or lemon) and cumin is pure perfection. However, I use it all the time to make several items outside of the old standby guacamole.

I was intrigued by a recipe I found over at EatMunchLove.  I’ve seen avocado used for baking cookies but I had never seen avocado used to make baguettes. Let me be the first to say using yeast scares me.  I’ve only made yeast rolls once before and it totally intimidated me. Yet if you give me a recipe for a quick bread, I’m all over it, but yeast…

Well, I must say the image of these avocado baguettes, which I would eat drizzled with a little bit of melted whipped butter and a cup of hot tea, is calling out to me. I am going to give yeast breads another try starting with this recipe.  It looks simple enough.  I think the payout of crusty fresh made bread seems totally worth it.

An added perk is that baking any type of bread always makes my house smell fabulous!

Here is the recipe: