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thBed linens and towels always bring a sweet smile to my face.  There is nothing nicer, more soothing or comforting than snuggling into a freshly sheeted bed.

I pride myself on my linen closet.  It is five shelves in total and not very large, but I try to keep things neat and organized.  Most of my other closets are somewhat disheveled but I like to see my linen closet very neat.

Blankets and quilts are neatly folded and kept on the top shelf since they are seasonal items. This is also where I keep my extra pillows. On the main, eye-level shelves, I keep my towels neatly folded along with a small supply of extra washcloths. This is also where I keep my sheets including my two sets of flannel sheets (I wish I knew a secret to minimizing the bulkiness of flannel sheets!). On the lower shelf I keep the cloth napkins and placemats, tablecloths, along with the kitchen dish cloths and dish towels.  I do separate the Christmas napkins, placemats, tablecloths and dish towels from everything else so I can easily pull out Christmas items.

I like to organize my queen-size sheets with the fitted sheet on the bottom, the two pillow cases in the middle and the flat sheet on top.  This keeps my matching sheet sets all in one neat bundle.  This way I simply pull out the sheet set I want to use and move on.  Uniform.  Consistent.  Every time.

I know someone who tucks their fitted sheet, flat sheet and one pillow case inside one of the sheet set pillow cases so their queen-sized sheets are stored in a nice little bundle!  I gave it a try but it wasn’t for me.  My Aunt likes to fold her flat sheet over the fitted sheet and pillowcases (imagine the flat sheet in the shape of a C with the fitted sheet and pillowcase tucked inside the C). I’m all for storing things in the way that brings you comfort!

I was looking for something the other day on Oprah’s website and ran across this video of Martha Stewart responding to a question by showing the viewer how to fold a fitted sheet (I remember watching this show!).   I don’t have a folding board (I use the bed), nor do I use Martha’s particular methodology.  Here is Martha Stewart with Oprah:


I start out like Martha by holding the fitted ends of freshly washed and dried sheets together but instead of turning them up inside one another, I fold them down then tuck them in.  This makes the sheet flat and square.  Then I fold up, smooth and keep smoothing as I fold to my desired size.  That is the way my Mom taught me.  Nice, neat, non-bulky.  The key is to keep smoothing as you fold.  My fitted sheets end up the same size as my folded flat sheet. Uniform. Consistent.  Every time.

I decided to look up a few other methods and included them below:

Real Simple:


Consumer Reports:


Living on a Dime: