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Sometimes we just need to take a little time to treat and make ourselves happy. Below are five simple things you can do in the privacy of your home to get your happy on and just be good to yourself.

1.  Give yourself a scalp massage.  Set a timer for five minutes, begin the massage and feel the tension start to melt away. Massage your scalp starting at your forehead and working back to the base of your skull or vice versa.  Then fan out to the temple area and behind your ears to the back of your head.  Scalp massage stimulates the natural oils and circulation to your scalp, feels marvelous and aids in hair growth and sheen.  If you like, apply a little jojoba or almond oil to your fingertips before you begin.  A little essential oil added to your jojoba or almond oil offers a nice aromatherapy pick-me up.

2.  Go old school.  Create a playlist or pull out your favorite tunes that remind you of good times and great memories. It could be music from your high school days, memories of hanging with the bestie, music from your family reunion. Whatever it is that makes you happy and think of positive memories or events. Select the music, turn up the volume and shake your groove thing!

3.  Grab a bouquet.  Whether you buy it from the store or pick it from your garden, a bouquet of flowers (or a single flower) nurtures the soul and brings a bit of nature inside.  Use a pretty vase and sit the bouquet on your kitchen counter, your bathtub, your bedroom nightstand or your desk at work.  Place it where you will see and admire the beauty of God’s creation.  Mix it up and buy flowers you don’t normally purchase.  Savor the beauty and fragrance of the bouquet!

4.  Slather on some body butter.  Take a moment to pamper yourself outside of the daily quick and rushed application of lotion following the morning shower. Whether its a shea butter or a thick and luxurious scented body butter or lotion take your time and massage your body as you relish the healing power of touch.

5.  Treat your feet.  Years ago I fell in love with the Peppermint Cooling Foot Lotion by The Body Shop.  I love to use it after a long soak in the tub.  The peppermint is soothing and smells so good and the product is rich, luxurious, cool and refreshing to your feet.  It is quickly absorbed so not slippery.

Whether you do all five, or only have time to do one, little moments like these help melt away stress at the end of the day.  Take time to experience the joy and love yourself!