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When I see this image it makes me smile!

I am not an artist.  I do not work at a drafting table.  I am not a fashion designer. Or an interior designer.  I just have always had a crazy mad love for colored markers.

I love seeing them lined up so neatly in the package.  I love watching the gorgeous gradiation of all the colors of the rainbow.  I love that they smile at me.  I love that they whisper….come…play with me!

For me, colored markers are always like a shiny box of brand spanking new Crayons.  The good news is colored markers never run down, they never get yucky looking, the paper doesn’t peel, and they don’t need to be resharpened. All the goodness of crayons without the bad parts.  Now don’t get me wrong, I love my Crayons too!

I use my markers for various things.  I used them at work when working on books, newsletters and other publications.  I use them to make notes for myself.  I use them to doodle and imagine.  I use them to color code my lists.

I simply use them to play inside a rainbow.