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Summer is beginning to slowly wind down.  College students have headed back to campus.  Elementary and middle school buses are beginning their practice runs.  Subtle changes indicate a new season is about to begin.

For the next few weeks, as the weather remains hot and humid it is important to stay hydrated.  Water is always a great option but fruits and vegetables are also great ways to hydrate on a hot summer day.

I like to make fruit kabobs of any sort.  I especially enjoy alternating cubes of watermelon and red grapes on a skewer.  Hint:  These fruits taste great frozen. Or use a blend of any type of fruit (e.g., mango, strawberry, banana, peaches, etc.).  Whip a little honey and a splash of citrus with some basil into some plain Greek yogurt for dipping.

Frozen fruits are a great and decadent treat.  Somehow it feels more indulgent. When I bring fresh berries home from the market I will put a few in mini baggies to freeze so I can pull them out as treats or to use when making a smoothie.  My fascination for smoothies has waned a little.  Don’t get me wrong, they are great and a quick go to. However, when the temp is hot I prefer eating the actual fruit versus drinking it.

Vegetables such as celery, tomato, sugar snap peas, cucumber, jicima, etc. have a high water content and will help keep you hydrated.

One of my favorite summer salads is a bed of salad greens (e.g., arugula, baby romaine, spinach) with red onion, strawberries and mandarin oranges tossed with a honey lime basil or balsamic dressing.

Seek out your local farmers market to find great fruits and veggies to enjoy these dwindling days of good ‘ol summer eats.