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Adults at play2A group I belong to recently participated at an event that consisted of some relay races. It was interesting to see how many adults in our group actually opted out of participating (they cheered us on!) and let the rest of us act like kids running around doing these various relay games.  I was puzzled….doesn’t everyone like to play?  It was a lot of fun and something different from my norm.  I liked that.  It pumped up my lungs, ramped up my heart rate and got my competitive and team spirit going!

It made me think more about how, as we get older, we really don’t stop and take time to play.  As adults we live for responsibility.  Everything is about earning an income to pay bills for our housing, food, entertainment, hobbies and interests, going to the gym to exercise, to the salon, to the driving range and spending time with our loved ones. I don’t know about you but my exercise time isn’t always fun. It’s usually somewhat repetitive and not always enjoyable (now that’s a real understatement!) and more of a chore.

Whereas this was fun.  FUN!  I felt really good.  Exhilarated.  Free.  Relaxed. Destressed.  Energized.  I also realized I need to invest in myself through play.

Life is more than work.  Let’s mix it up sometimes and do something out of the ordinary.

I have friends who tell me their kids spend all their time in their room or on their cell or other electronic media (or they do the same!).  Whether you’re a kid or an adult, take a few minutes to step away from Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, Twitter.  Put down the Xbox, tablet, laptop, cell, the remote and grab a friend or family member and get up and do something different.

Take time to:

  • Play a game of hopscotch
  • Toss the frisbee
  • Grab a few friends for a game of powder puff or touch football
  • Have a double-dutch challenge
  • Race from one tree to another
  • Play a game of Twister (remember that?!?!)
  • Hit up the swings at the park
  • Have a hoola hoop contest
  • Play some badminton or volleyball
  • Run around the house (I got the biggest kick out of doing this as a kid!  My friends and I would just run and run and run around the house as many times as we could until we fell out on the grass panting and giggling endlessly.  Ah, those were the days!)

The possibilities for play are endless.  You’re never too old to play!

Focus on the fun.  Be uninhibited.  Feel the joy.  Relish the experience!

Ready.  Set.  Play!

“Men do not quit playing because they grow old; they grow old because they quit playing.”  – Oliver Wendell Holmes

In what ways can you add more play time into your life?