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handmade-christmas-decorations-green-holiday-decor-1I truly love, love, love decorating for Christmas.

Decorating is one of my favorite things to do to bring joy, cheer and warmth to my living environment regardless of the season.

But it is so much more exciting especially at the Christmas season!

Below are some helpful tips for home decor, gift wrap and table top.

Home Decor

  • Polish antique silver candlesticks or serving trays and arrange decoratively.
  • Pull out and use the vintage family china, gravy boat, tablecloth or serving dishes passed down through the generations.
  • Make your own Christmas tree skirt, pillows, stocking or table runner to complement your unique decor and to treasure as a family heirloom.
  • Dress up a plain store-bought evergreen wreath by adding raffia or lengths of plain, metallic or patterned ribbon, or Christmas greenery along with your favorite decorative materials in the shades and textures that appeal to you.  Get your kids involved and allow them to make their own decorative wreath (or to decorate their own kids Christmas tree).
  • For a Poinsettia alternative, decorate with Amaryllis, paper whites, rosemary, holly, juniper, winterberry, nuts, fruits (e.g., pomegranate, cranberries) or other greenery.

Gift Wrap

  • Ditch the gift bags this year and relearn the art of wrapping presents.
  • Use a Christmas shaped cookie cutter or another unique design to make your own gift tags.  You can use plain colored paper or choose patterned or metallic papers. Stay classic, get whimsical or go sophisticated.
  • Add a special touch instead of just using a gift tag and ribbon.  Attach a small ornament, jingle bells or a small token gift to dress up your Christmas presents.

Table Top

  • Poinsettia are stunning and gorgeous with their velvety red blooms and deep green leaves.  However, I lean toward a simple white, green and gold centerpiece for my Christmas table centerpiece.  Pick colors that appeal to you.  Who says you have to stick to red and green for your centerpiece?  I am really liking the purple and gold in the wreath and mantle image below.
  • I love a good napkin ring!  They add classic beauty and decor and can definitely enhance place settings to make them pop.  Even something as simple as homemade ribbon bow napkin rings is effortless and has a nice effect.
  • Don’t have Christmas dishes?  That’s ok.  I don’t either.  No need to go out and purchase special dishes.  I use a simple plain white plate with either a cloth or large paper Christmas napkin or napkin ring.  If you have Christmas cups or dessert plates use those to supplement your white plates to add the Christmas theme.  I always use my Christmas dessert plates an Aunt gifted me several years ago.
  • Fill a bowl, basket or cylinder vase with old mismatched Christmas ornaments you rarely use and let them shine on display on your buffet table or coffee table.  Add pine cones or greenery to brighten up the arrangement.

Christmas decor5

Christmas wreath